Rakhi Sawant: ‘No Man Will Marry Me Because Tanushree Dutta Raped Me’!

We all heard Rakhi Sawant’s absurd allegations against Tanushree Dutta yesterday, where she called her a lesbian and stated that Tanushree touched her private parts without her consent and went ahead by saying that she was raped by her at multiple occasions. In the same press conference, Rakhi Sawant made another bizarre statement that got missed and drowned out by the rape allegations. In case you missed it, here’s what she said…
No Man Will Marry Me After What Tanushree Dutta Did! Rakhi Sawant said that she’s afraid of her future after what Tanushree Dutta did to her. She stated that no man would be willing to marry her. ‘I wanted to get married, but it looks like it won’t be possible now. Tell me, which man will hold my hand after hearing all this? (rape allegations)’

People Want Justice, But What About Me? Rakhi Sawant said that people are seeking justice to all the #MeToo survivors out there, but nobody is bothered about her suffering. Rakhi said that she is a ‘bharatiya nari’ and will not take the harassment anymore and is speaking out against Tanushree Dutta for all her wrongdoings.

Tanushree Dutta Has Not Responded Yet! Also, Tanushree Dutta has not responded to Rakhi Sawant’s absurd allegations yet and we’ll have to wait and watch as to what she has to say.

The #MeToo Movement – Hijacked By Rakhi Sawant While everyone are seeking justice in the #MeToo movement, Rakhi Sawant has hijacked it and made the issue all about herself. Right from the beginning till now, she’s basking in the limelight and made the most out of it. We’ve heard her say ridiculous statements before, but this time it’s gone to a completely new level and people are finding her statements very hard to digest.